Vila Mila is a house with a rich history. The first information about it can be found already in Franciscan cadaster from 1827, then called Kaischouz and belonging to family Čop. In 1908 the big Bled fire destroyed the house. It was rebuilt in the same year in the form we see today and named “Pri Kajžu” or Kajževina. Family Čop lived in the house until 1980, when they moved out of Bled and sold their Vila to the group of Slovenian companies that were using the house as a holiday home for their employees.  


Family Omovšek came to Bled in the late 60’s of 20th century, bought the auxiliary facility on the property and created a home there. Ever since the beginning of their stay they maintained the property and acted as hospitality staff for the visitors who came stay in Vila. In the 90’s of 20th century, the companies owing the Vila decided to sell it to several individual owners. Family Omovšek constantly strived to maintain the building and in 2007 finally bought the last share of Vila. The property has once again became one unit.  


Re-construction began in summer of 2013 and in December 2014 the mighty building, symbolically re-named Vila Mila – after the youngest member of the family, was ready to accept it’s first guests.   Today the house has a touch of the past and cutting-edge technology for a comfortable stay of guests in six apartments, with a beautiful garden and a view of the St. Martin’s church and the Lake of Bled.